Tsukiyo to Syonen seek to create a close dialogue between local and international curator and to diversity views on the cultural panorama of Japan. Therefore the residencies take place in the private home of local curator. We provide accommodation for the quests, and will bring them into their closest artistic context.

The residency period is:
- 1 April - 30 November 2020
- Let us know your outline of the plan about 2 weeks - 1 month.

An invitation to this residency includes:
- We cover travel costs for a maximum value of 150,000 JPY.
- a small room for staying and working.

We request to curator:
- have some meetings with local artists during the residency programme.
- curate exhibition at Japan or your hometown within 2 years after your residency programme.
- publish or release your text which is researched in Japan within 2 years after your residency programme.

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