Mrs. Gandy
7th Grade Geography and PreAP Geography
Highland East Junior High School

Canvas Inbox: Laura Gandy
Highland East Phone: (405) 735-4580


All grades will be posted to the student's Infinite Campus account, with assignments turned in online through Canvas and our interactive online textbook. In addition, Mrs. Gandy will occasionally send out updates to Parents and Students through Infinite Campus. The following types of assignments will be completed in Geography:

Literary Response: Literary Responses demonstrate a student’s ability to understand, discuss, and respond orally and in writing to text and curriculum.

Daily Work: Daily work will include a variety of work relating to the reading and understanding of our geography text and concepts. Bell work is often required at the beginning of each daily period and will be turned in regularly.

Tests and Major Projects: Projects are a different way for students to show what they have learned. Guidelines for projects will be distributed when assigned. Assessments and projects over geography regions, vocabulary, and maps will be given regularly over the course of the semester. Most test and major project scores will be doubled or worth a greater number of points toward the final course grade.

Benchmark and Semester Tests: The district benchmark, if required, and final semester geography exams will be cumulative and aligned with Oklahoma geography standards. These scores are a required 10% of the total course grade.

Notes and Organization: This zero-percent section is used to denote assignments that are to be returned signed by parents or will highlight student responsibility by coming to class prepared. Organization and communication are essential to success.

The district grading scale is: A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69), and F (0-59).
Contact Mrs. Myers, our Highland East Registrar, at for Infinite Campus access.


Assignments are posted daily on Mrs. Gandy’s CANVAS CALENDAR in each student's Canvas account. Along with the activities for the class period, students will find links on the Calendar for PowerPoints, assignments, textbook materials, etc. When absent, the Canvas Calendar in Mrs. Gandy's classes will allow students to make up work. IMPORTANT NOTE: All Assignments WILL NOT show up on the Student's Canvas "To Do." So, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for students to look at and complete all assignments from their Canvas Calendar in Mrs. Gandy's class. Assignments are also written on the agenda dry erase board each week in the classroom.

The steps for logging on to Canvas are as follows:

1) Sign on to any MPS/HEJH Website.
2) Click on circle with the "three lines" in the upper right hand corner.
3) Click on "Canvas."
4) USER NAME IS (Example -
5) PASSWORD IS your student-created personal passoword.


1. Be prompt.
2. Be prepared.
3. Be respectful.
4. Be ready to learn.


Students have a passing period between classes to take care of routine personal business, restroom, filling water bottles, etc. Students will need to plan (go the restroom before school or during lunch, fill water bottles in the cafeteria, etc.) so that time in class is spent on learning activities. Students must be in the classroom and beginning bell work/agenda when the tardy bell has stopped ringing. Otherwise, the student will be counted tardy. Mrs. Gandy will follow the MPS Student Handbook policy in reporting tardiness. (Tardiness in Mrs. Gandy’s class will not be recorded during the first week of school when students are adjusting to schedules and expectations.)


• Late assignments will not receive full credit. The student is responsible for turning in work on due date assigned.
• A completed Late Work Form must be turned in with any late assignment. If the work is a Canvas online assignment, the student will complete the online Late Form and submit to Mrs. Gandy. If a hand-written assignment or project, the Late/Absent Work Form on Mrs. Gandy's filing cabinet behind her desk will need to be completed, stapled to the front of the work, and all turned in to the Late or Absent file.
• It is the student’s responsibility to log in to their Canvas Dashboard/Account for Geography/Honors Geography and find the work for the day(s) of class missed due to absence. MPS policy states that one (1) additional day will be given for each day of absence.
• An assignment turned in one day late will receive 80% of the earned grade. If an assignment is turned in two or more days late, the assignment will receive no more than 50%.
• 7th grade students should be able to discern an appropriate time, not during direct instruction time, to get additional help regarding absent/missing assignments. The beginning of the hour is not an appropriate time for one-on-one requests.
• Since students and parents may access the Geography Canvas account to stay up-to-date on late/missing assignments, please do not wait for a grade to be entered or marked missing on Infinite Campus before completing work. This will, most likely, result in an earned late grade.
• Mrs. Gandy will follow all district policies regarding the number of days a student receives to make up work due to an excused absence and/or absence due to Covid-19. All absent work turned in per MPS absence guidelines will receive 100% of earned credit.


Since our Notebooks and daily work will be completed primarily on student computers, students will need to plan for care of their MPS computer at HEJH in addition to planning for computer access outside of the classroom (checking out student computers when needed to ensure homework is completed). Canvas, Google, Office 365 programs, Quizlet, and other applications will be used daily in our geography classroom. In addition to homework or absent work for all students, Honors Geography students will use the computer outside of class for one individual geography project presentation. We will spend time at the beginning of the school year organizing online files and notebooks. Students choosing to access an unassigned site on the computer during class time will receive an a.m. or p.m. detention. Rules in the classroom will adhere strictly to the Moore Public Schools Handbook and internet usage policy.


Pearson – Oklahoma World Geography Eastern Hemisphere - My World Interactive, 2021

To access the Online Textbook, on Mrs. Gandy’s or HEJH Website:

1) Click the circle icon with the three lines in the upper right.
2) Click on Clever.
3) Once in Clever, find MPS Apps and click on Savvas for the Pearson Online Textbook.
4) Login is your -and- self-created MPS student password.

Mrs. Gandy will work with students at the beginning of the school year to help students learn how to access our online textbook. We have a classroom set of textbooks only this year, but do have outstanding online resources with our new textbook.


Links for assignments, the calendar/agenda, daily bell work, and all other materials for our class are available on student Canvas Accounts. In addition, Mrs. Gandy keeps course information, with no Calendar/Agenda, on the MPS/HEJH/Gandy Faculty Website.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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