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The local planning system is deciding where to put hundreds of houses in Devizes. The Devizes Neighbourhood Plan should also be looking at what areas are special to local people so that land important for its wildlife, heritage, recreational and landscape value can be protected. The Devizes Neighbourhood Plan can designate ‘Local Green Space’. This is a way of identifying areas that are valuable so that they can be protected.

Drews Pond Wood Project believe that all the land that was part of the Old Roundway Hospital, including Drews Pond Wood are linked by history and have a special character that should be recognised and protected.  The areas of open space in and around the Old Hospital grounds support the wildlife in the vicinity by providing a mosaic of connected habitats.

We need to show the Town Council that there is strong appetite for this land to be designated a Local Green Space, so it would be great if you could also sign our petition here -
More information here -
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We are proposing that all the open spaces shown within the highlighted boundary line on the map should be designated as Local Green Space through the Devizes Neighbourhood Plan review.   Do you support this proposal? *
Do you think that the area within the highlighted boundary has a distinct and special character? *
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How often do you visit/use the open spaces in the area? *
Which of these spaces do you enjoy as part of a walk?
This could include views of the space from elsewhere, for example if you walk past it.
Thank you so much for your support!
Is there anything that you particularly enjoy or find special about any of these areas of land?  Please specify which space, and include as many as are relevant
(e.g.  Trees, flowers, wildlife, special features, beautiful scenery, views, historical character, relaxing, peaceful, play area, activities, personal connection). Please also include any records of wildlife you've seen in these spaces.
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