WFLTA Interest Survey
We are starting to look ahead and plan for WFLTA 2020 in Casper and beyond!

We want to make sure that we offer professional development that interests our membership and helps to provide the skills that we need.

Please fill out the survey below to help us find the best presenters, themes, and topics for WFLTA 2020 and beyond!
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School District Name or Post-secondary Institution Name *
Levels taught (choose all that apply) *
How interested would you be in attending a session on the following topics? *
1 = Not at all interested 5 = Very interested
Literacy in the target language
Using the target language 90% of the time
Classroom participation
Incorporating culture
Determining proficiency levels
Comprehensible Input/ TPRS
High School/ Post Secondary Alignment
Meeting the needs of native/heritage speakers
Unit Design
Which advoacy topics did you find most relevant for you? *
Not relevant
Very relevant
Starting Dual Language Immersion Programs
Adding Faculty/Expanding a Department
Keeping a program in existance
Seal of Biliteracy/ Pathway to Biliteracy
Advocating for PD opportunities
Advocating for the importance of world language learning
What 'buzzwords' or session topics on an agenda/conference program might make administrator approval or school funding easier for you?
What presenters would you like to see at future WFLTA conferences?
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