Sky Tracers: Test Application
We at Coilworks are moving into a critical testing phase of our new game Sky Tracers, and would like your help to test an early version and gather feedback. This survey is to gather potential testers to help us with this. We really appreciate your interest and hope that you'll be able to enjoy it.
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Coilworks have previously developed two games called Cloudbuilt and Super Cloudbuilt, the latter having released on PC, XBOX One and PS4 last summer. You can check out a trailer for Super Cloudbuilt here:
Please ensure information provided in the following questions is as accurate as possible. We are looking for a variety of testers and players, so don't feel the need to tweak your answers to please us. It's just as likely for you to become a tester even if you have little experience with our previous games. For our sake and for the accuracy of the tests, please take care to fill in all information as honestly as you can.

Thank you!

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This is to estimate potential server positions, ping, and other network related topics.
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Previous experience with Cloudbuilt
Do you have any previous experience with our games?
Which of our games have you played? *
How many hours have you spent playing Cloudbuilt/Super Cloudbuilt? *
Experience with games
This section is about your general experience with video games, be it single player and/or multiplayer games.
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What kind of games do you usually play? *
Please rank the following statements
Rank the statements by how much you agree or disagree
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I tend to play a lot of hardcore games.
I tend to play a lot of casual games.
I would rate myself as a very skilled player.
I enjoy singleplayer games the most.
I enjoy multiplayer games the most.
I play more indie games than big-budget titles.
I'll always play a few hours into a game to see if I like it, even if I don't at first.
How many hours per week do you usually spend playing games? *
System Specifications
To help us in our selection process, we would like to know the system specifications of your computer. This will help us select a broad range of hardware to help us with these tests.

You'll need the Steam client to participate in the tests, and to give us the information needed.

1. In the Steam main window, select "Help" in the top bar, then select System Information.

2. In the window that opens, right click inside the text box and choose "Copy all text to clipboard"

3. Paste the contents in the box below.

3. Please paste your system specs here: *
If you have more than one PC that you think is relevant for the tests, please paste the specs from both PCs if you want to use them, and identify them by a line like: ---- [PC 1] ---- and so on before the specs.
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All testing and communication will be handled in the Sky Tracers official Discord server, and you will be required to join that server in order to be selected for any test. The Discord server is open to everyone, but if you've been selected as a tester, you will receive a special Tester ranking that grants you access to special channels to communicate with us and with other testers.

If you don't know what Discord is, here is a description from Wikipedia:
Discord is a proprietary freeware voice-over-Internet Protocol application designed for gaming communities, that specializes in text, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

Registering an account is quick free and easy. You will be instructed on every step of the way when you follow this link to join the server.

Sky Tracers Discord Server:

Discord User Handle *
Include the full user name, including the # and the last for digits so we can verify you've joined the server and apply the tester tag. EXAMPLE: User#1234
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All testing of the game will be done with the Steam version. If selected, you will receive a temporary game key that will give you access to a specific version of the game for the duration of the tests.

Steam will automatically handle the account verification and communicate with our servers when you start the game. It is your Steam ID that will be used to identify you on our servers too.

Steam profile
If you give us your Steam ID information here we will be storing some data on our servers that can be linked with this form based on the ID. This data will ONLY be viewed by us and will never be used for anything other than to evaluate the game during this test period.

Notice: If you take part in these tests at all, with or without giving us your Steam ID here, we will be storing anonymous data about all play sessions in order for us to evaluate the game. By giving us this additional information you will help us to put this data into perspective, which is especially important during some stages of these tests.

If you agree to this and are fine with sharing this additional information, you can find it by clicking on your name in the Steam main window, then selecting "Profile".

On your page, right click and select "Copy URL" and then paste the URL below.

Steam ID link (Optional)
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Want to stay up to date outside of Discord?
To hear more about the game, progress or other updates you can stay tuned to our @Coilworks Twitter feed at
Thank you for your interest!
We will send an email with a key and further information if you're selected to help us with a test session. There will be multiple test sessions at different times, so if you are not selected for an earlier session, don't worry. There may still be an opportunity to be selected for a later session. The time, content, length and goal for each test will vary and thus the players selected will vary as well.

Thank you so much for filling out this form and offering to help us!

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