Media Study Log
How often does suicide occur in "entertainment"? Let’s see!

Log all instances of suicide references in popular media that you encounter for two weeks.

For this survey, popular media = television, video, movies, podcasts, music, and books—all consumed for entertainment. Just notice it as it arises in your entertainment media. (You're welcome to keep logging past two weeks)

Please include as much of the following information as possible:

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Date media consumed: *
Title (Example: The Giver )(Example: 13 Reasons Why)(Example: Bee Movie) *
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Author (if applicable)
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Page/Time/Description of where to find the details - (Example: 1:06:02-9)(Example: Barry and Vanessa joke about a suicide pact when the plants all begin to die) *
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Intended Audience
Type of Media *
Genre *
Did you consume this media knowing it would include suicide-related content? *
Optional opinion question: Do you think the Recording Industry, Motion Picture, and Library rating systems should include suicide-related content? (i.e., Movies/Television: "Rated R for suicide related content," Music: "Parental Advisory for suicide-related content," Library Books: "YA for suicide related content")
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