AnimeCTX Press Application
Thank you for your interest in attending AnimeCTX as a member of the Press. To qualify for an AnimeCTX Press Badge, applicants must first pass a brief screening process based on planned coverage and previous work.

To make the process as smooth as possible, please fill out the Form below with as much information as you have available.

Please note, applying does not guarantee acceptance.

Accepting a press badge means you agree to abide by the rules found here:
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We need the name of your editor or in the event of you representing a student press organization then we need the name of your adviser.
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Your History
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If necessary you may e-mail them to Be sure to reference your application when doing so!
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An AnimeCTX Press Pass does not necessarily grant its bearer all-access to the convention. Certain areas may require that you be accompanied by a member of the AnimeCTX staff. The Press Pass does not grant its bearer to skip lines, nor gain access to events which have reached their maximum capacity. Please type your full name below to indicate that you have read AnimeCTX's Press Pass Policies and that you understand all the rules and regulations contained herein.
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