Roller Derby Relationship and Gender Study (2016)
Please share this around on social media via this link to help us gather as much data as possible:

To see the data analysis of last year's survey please visit the link here:

NEW FOR 2016 Survey - I'm extending this study into a longitudinal one (meaning the same group over time). The way I will tie your previous answers from last year to this year is for those of you whom wished to be contacted using the same email address again this year (or noting your old email address in "Final Thoughts").

Please fill in the answers honestly and know that your data is anonymous. There will be an opportunity at the end for you to request links to the published work when that occurs but otherwise no one will ever use this information to identify or contact you. If you have questions or concerns about the survey please leave them in the last box ("Final Thoughts") or send me an email at or @wjking0 on Twitter.

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