Support the East Ohio Resolution to Maintain Unity through Structural Realignment
The East Ohio conference is a theologically diverse conference that is made better by our diversity of perspectives. Many feel that that passage of the traditional plan does not represent the Methodism that they have been raised in and has formed them. As such, a theologically diverse group of 6 clergy and lay people, along with The Young Clergy Network have brought the following resolution to the annual conference for discussion and vote.

We want to invite you -- whether you are clergy, a lay member of the annual conference or a member of an East Ohio church -- to sign on to the resolution before it comes before the annual conference for a vote. Your signature can show just how many people feel unrepresented by the passage of the traditional plan. Furthermore, having a large number of signatures will help to build momentum toward building a United Methodist Church that truly makes room for all.

Resolution to Maintain Unity through the Structural Realignment ofThe United Methodist Church
Rationale: In light of the 2019 General Conference, it is time to restructure The United Methodist Church.

Whereas: Enormous cultural and theological gaps remain in our global church,

Whereas: The Council of Bishops, The Commission on a Way Forward, and the 2019 General Conference were unable to find a satisfactory resolution to the impasse in The United Methodist Church around LGBTQ+ clergy and same-gender weddings in our churches,

Whereas: The Traditional Plan passed at the 2019 General Conference serves as a rejection of compromise and a turning away from a theologically diverse denomination.

Whereas: A majority of United States delegates to General Conference 2019 voted in favor of plans that maintained church unity and theological diversity,

Whereas: Only structural realignment will allow all Annual Conferences and Local Churches to effectively Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World in their context.

Therefore Be It Resolved: That East Ohio Annual Conference 2020 General Conference delegation is encouraged to work in favor of a structural realignment of the United Methodist Church that creates an expression of Wesleyan Methodism that allows both traditional and progressive understandings of LGBTQ+ Clergy and same-gender weddings to co-exist within the Church.

Be It Further Resolved: That the East Ohio Annual Conference notify the Council of Bishops that the stipulations of the Traditional Plan represent neither the spirit nor the practice of mutual love and shared mission of our Annual Conference.

Implemented By: Secretary of the Annual Conference, 2020 General Conference Delegation

Submitted By: Rev. Dan Bryant, Rev. Karen Oehl, Tim Beck, Rev. Andrew Call, Rev. Joe Burkhardt, Rev. Kimberly Arbaugh and The Young Clergy Network.

Rev. Andrew Scott
Rev. J. Paige Boyer
Pastor Kelsey Jones Orosan
Rev. Jared Gadomski Littleton
Pastor Shannon V. Trenton
Andronic Peter Orosan
Rev. Lorrin Radzik
Derek Hickman
Tim Beck, Director of Student Ministries (laity)
Rev. Jonathan Priebe
Rev. Carrie Antczak
Rev. Linda McCowen
Pastor Jake Heskett
Rev. Kenneth Moody-Arndt
Rev. Kyle Gould
Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Garner
Pastor Mark McTrustry
Nicholas W. Gliha
Rev. D. Anthony Everett
Rev. Jeremy Roseberry
Rev. Katherine L. Osier
Pastor Matt Whisenhunt
Shane Russo, Local Pastor
Jason Hockran
Rev. Judy Wismar Claycomb
Ardith McCloy
Rev. Lisa Morrison
The Rev. Dianne Tobey Covault, OSL
Elaine Hermetet
Lynda Coffin
Rev. Kenneth A. Gifford
Sally D. Seabright--church member
Stefanie Williams
Karen Myers
Jim Latza, co-lay leader Lakewood U. M. C.
Rev Elizabeth Ortiz
Rev. Joe Burkhardt
Pastor James F Szakacs
Maya Pappas
Kaitlyn Ramey-Rowland
Melinda Carter
Rev. Raymond J. Kovach
Tristan Codner
Amy Barr (laity)
Rev. Robin D. Dillon
Chrissy Stack
Deborah Hughes
Pastor Letty Damian
Rev. Vicky Kelley
Edward A. Hoar
Anita Forsberg Culbertson
Rev. Adam M. Davis
Rev. David Rittgers
Rev. Dan Bryant
Susan Baker
David M. Douglass
Rev. Laura Jaissle
Rev. Bill Liming
Rev. W. Kent Joy
Rev. Tim Morrison
Michael A Littleton
Tracey A Carlson
Christina Fournier, church member
Rev. Coralee Cox
Melvin H. Seabright- church member
Rev. Thomas A. Snyder
Katherine Snyder, laity
Joy D Beck-Garofalo
Rev. Andy Call
Mary F. Holloway (Laity)
Beth Herchek
Rev. Paul R. White
Rev. Laura White
Ray White, laity
Rev. Mariah Hayden
Rev. Ron Shultz
Ray White
Mary Dodge
John D. Wolter
Samantha Gunkelman
Rev. Beth A. McGuire
Kathryn Klaber
Marcia K. Schettler
Blair Porter
Rev Debbie Gibbons
Betsy Virnelson
Debbie Bryant
Rev Kristen Patt
Rev. Martha L. Mathatas
Rev. Stephanie Lee
Spencer Short (laity)
Rev. Tina Nees
Jean Marvin
Renee Leonard
Rev. Karen Drotar
Rev. Annette L. Dimond
Sharon Sudberry, Church Member
Deaconess Pam Domer
Thomas Strauch
Rev. Glenn Hamilton
Cynthia A Gomori
Steven Petrolewicz
Rev. Timothy McCollum
Rev. Allison LeBrun
Rev. Beth A. McGuire
Rev. Dr. David E. MacDonald
Peggy Pennington church member
Susan Baker
Rev. Charles E. Tobias
Valerie Riedthaler
Rev. Dr. Charles Yoost
Rev. Nancy S. Manner
Rev. Tamara Francis Wilden
Kay Seabright Martin
Molly Gillahan
Lauren Green-Hull
Joyce Gordon
Debra Drew
Robin Walton Szakacs
Laura Germaine
Carol Neff
Pastor Jonathan L. Williams
Molly Gillahan
Lauren Green-Hull
Joyce Gordon
Debra Drew
Robin Walton Szakacs
Laura Germaine
Carol Neff
Pastor Jonathan L. Williams
Dr. Courtney L. Clarke
Pamela Taylor, Lakewood UMC Member
Joanne Gillis
Rev. Pamela Buzalka
Joni Schultz
Rev. Susan Brown
Carolyn Helbert
Patty Schwall
Luke Weiss
Kevin Howard Dale Cornell
Rebecca Smith
Jacqueline Stillman
Julia Dopman, Church Member
Rev. Becky Weamer
Rae M. Anderson member LUMC
Rev. Mark L. Steiger
Judy R. Sees
Rosemary Palmer, Church member
Rev. John R. Butchko
Marcus Smallegan - Member, Strongsville UMC
Bernadette Chappell
Mary H Bronson
Rev. Ron Shultz
Rev.Kathryn Beth Wilterdink
Laurie Babcock (Laity)
Cara Wilson
Paula Schleihs
Pat Speckhart
Mark E. Parker
Gean Ann Carpenter
Doug Broemsen
Rev . Kristen Patt
Teresa Lambert
Pastor Steve Rice
Rev. Barbara Yeager Roseberry
Connor Prusha
Rev. Barbara Deibel
John E. Arnold, church member
Rev.Nancy S.Hull
Rev Charles Frye
Trudy Jones
Rev Cara Stultz Costello
Jim Spatholt Local Pastor
Pastor Marelize Bruner
Cara Wilson
Rev. Carolyn Berry
Suzan Thomas
Susan S. Lanphear
Carrie Stehura
Martha Farnham Wason
Rev. Diane Johnson
Trish Broemsen
Shannon Walls
Jane Finley
Jennifer Dyer

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