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Hey there!

Thank you for your interest in early access for the new and improved version of ZapWorks Designer.

The team at Zappar are super excited about this release, and we believe this new iteration of Designer marks an important milestone in the future of no-code WebAR development.

Designer 2 has been completely revamped, and the headline features are:
* New code base under the hood (improved performance and stability)
* New modern design and user experience,
* WebAR first, publishing engine backed by Zappar’s own Universal AR,
* Improved performance of video,
* Support for video with transparent areas (Alpha Video).
* And much more!

By completing this form, here is what you can expect from your early access:

* Once you have signed up, you will be added to the waiting list. Starting with a small group, we are planning to increase over time the number of users who have access to Designer (2). This will mean our development team is able to partner closely with our early groups, creating a manageable cadence of bug fixes and user experience suggestions that arise.

* Over time as the team grows in confidence in the performance of Designer (2), we will of course open up the beta group far wider, until it is ready for a public release.

* One thing to note is that there is an expectation that the earlier you receive access, the more closely we would ask to work with you. The first group will be asked to join Chris Holton, Head of Product at Zappar, and select members of the Designer (2) team for a 1 hour Zoom call to provide feedback and insight on the product.

* If that level of commitment is not possible for you, we can of course add you to a later group. Over time we expect to make more use of other methods of collecting feedback (e.g forms) although our hope with the beta testing is to gain partners who are committed to working with us to improve the product over the long term.

Once you have access you can create as many projects you like, and even publish! (Just make sure to test thoroughly on lots of devices before using in any strategically important campaigns.)

It's important to note that Designer (2) is not a feature-complete rebuild of ZapWorks Designer, so you will find there may be some features (photo albums, gridlines) that you are used to that you do not see.

In many cases, we have chosen not to include features either in the name of speed of go-to-market of this product, or we found they were not heavily used by our existing customers. We would love to hear your thoughts if you believe there is anything missing that you would consider a regression.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead for Designer, which includes implementation of some of the features you may have seen in ZapWorks Studio that are also available using one of the Universal AR SDKs.

Long term we hope to include features such as support for 3D models, face tracking and instant world tracking, however with Designer there will always be a focus on the ease of use for content creators.

Finally, thank you again for your interest in taking part in our beta testing of Designer (2). We hope you will enjoy being part of the journey with us over the next year or so.
and appreciate your continued support.

The team at Zappar

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