Ramah College Network 2015-2016

Dear Ramah Tzevet & Alumni,

The Ramah College Network (RCN), a project of the National Ramah Commission, is dedicated to creating greater Jewish engagement on campus through the leadership efforts of Ramah alumni. We are currently is piloting many new ideas at universities throughout North America, often in partnership with Hillel. Our goals include (1) having more Jewish students—whether or not affiliated with Ramah—attend programs supporting Israel and celebrating Jewish culture, and (2) inspiring greater observance of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Another important role of the Ramah College Network is to facilitate connections among Ramah college students on university campuses and to assist Ramah teens in their college decision making.

Thanks to the responses of over 550 Ramah tzevet members over the last four years, the Ramah College Network has already assisted numerous Ramahniks in exploring their college options. As we continue to collect responses, the RCN will continue to grow.

The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact Alana Tilman, National Ramah Program Director, at alana@campramah.org.

Your participation in the Ramah College Network is greatly appreciated, and will assist many Ramahniks in making their college decisions! We hope to bring more Ramahniks and Ramah programming to your campus!

Todah Rabah!

Rabbi Mitchell Cohen
National Director
National Ramah Commission

Amy Skopp Cooper
National Associate Director
National Ramah Commission