ATA Exam Practice Groups Organized by OSTI
The Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) is pleased to organize informal study groups for translators preparing to take the American Translators Association (ATA) certification exam.

If you are interested in joining a study group, please fill out the form below so we can match you with others in your language pair.

Participation is voluntary and study groups will be self-run. There is no guarantee of results. In other words, success will depend on the effort exerted in addition to your translation and language skills. If you participate in one of the study groups organized by OSTI, you can expect to dedicate about 1-3 hours a week, ideally for 2-3 months before the exam, but the details are entirely up to you.

The idea is to collaborate with other translators working with the same language pair to complete a series of practice passages, get valuable feedback, and feel more comfortable translating under exam conditions.

We highly recommend ordering practice exams from the ATA to get a sense of the register and to get feedback from an actual exam grader.


1. Read all of ATA's material on the exam: |

2. Order one or more practice passages from the ATA here: and/or find articles with 250-300 words, of roughly the same register as the exam passages.

3. Complete the passage emulating exam conditions; that is, 90 minutes for each passage, paper or PDF dictionaries (if you plan to take the handwritten test), or those listed here (if you plan to take the computerized exam):

4. Exchange with another translator for review and submit passage to ATA for grading (if you ordered a practice passage).

5. Compare results.

6. Repeat! FYI, after exhausting the ATA's practice passages, you and your study partner will need to look for other materials to practice on.

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Thank you! You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly. Once other translators in your language pair have expressed interest, we’ll send an email to advise you who your exam prep partners are. Good luck!
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