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ESL is the world's largest esports brand, leading the industry across various games with numerous online and offline competitions across the spectrum of grassroots amateur tournaments to from world-class, stadium-filling events such as ESL One and the Intel Extreme Masters.

Whether you wish to simply grow the community of your favorite game, or dream of a career in esports, joining the ESL staff as a volunteer is one of the best ways to get involved. You can gain valuable skills, experience, and contacts that could help you with a career inside or outside of the industry in the future. Being part of the ESL Play staff means that you are firstly part of the staff and secondly a player. To prevent accusations of bias or corruption the ESL staff does not compete in any tournaments with prizes on ESL Play.

Here are some of the volunteer positions available:

Editor: Do you have a way with words? We're looking for editors to help write news of all kinds, from tournament announcements to interviews and other content.

Graphics Designer: Do you have an eye for design? We are looking for graphic designers to produce graphics for our tournaments for our websites, social media, on stream and elsewhere.

Promoter: Are you skilled at spreading the word? We are looking for people to help us promote our tournaments of all levels across social media and other channels.

Referee (Cup, Ladder, League & Ranked): The ESL is first and foremost a platform for players to compete against each other in the huge range of competition we offer. We are always looking for dedicated and trustworthy referees who are passionate for keeping their communities active with exciting and fair tournaments.

Support Specialist: Are you great at helping people and have experience playing on ESL? We're looking for support specialists to help answer and direct user's calls for help.

The ESL staff is a large and diverse group of people passionate about esports, from many different games, countries, and backgrounds and therefore requires being able to work well in a team. English speaking is a huge benefit, but not required for ESL MENA. English and Arabic will both be accepted.
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