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Course dates: Starting from 16th April, every Saturday, 7PM IST

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After that ₹1199/- per enrollment.

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After successful completion of this course, you will..

a. Why all the planets in the Solar System are all so different from one another - how they got their colour, features & size, why some have rings and some don’t, why some have moons and some don’t
b. Why Earth is the only planet (we know of) with life
c. Why the smaller planets formed closer to the Sun and the bigger ones are further away
d. Why Venus is the hottest planet even if it isn’t the closest to the sun


Lecture 1: recap/introduction to planet formation
Lecture 2: Mercury
Lecture 3: Venus
Lecture 4: Earth
Lecture 5: Mars
Lecture 6: Jupiter
Lecture 7: Saturn
Lecture 8: Uranus
Lecture 9: Neptune
Lecture 10: What we see in other planetary systems (Exoplanets)/Summary/Q&A
Bonus: moons of the solar system

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