Miami-Dade DEC Elected Member Application
The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade County. The DEC is composed of committeemen and committeewomen from each precinct. Complete the application below.

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I, having been duly sworn, say that I am a member of the Democratic Party, that I am a qualified elector of Miami-Dade County, Florida; that during my term of office, I will not support the election of the opponent of any Democratic nominee, I will not oppose the election of any Democratic nominee, nor will I support any non-Democrat against a Democrat in any election other than in judicial races; that I am qualified under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Florida and the Charter and Bylaws of the Florida Democratic Party to hold the office I am seeking, or to which I have been elected; that I have not violated any of the laws of the State of Florida relating to election or the Charter and Bylaws of the Florida Democratic Party.
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