North Country Fair Volunteer Application

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North Country Fair Volunteers are required to work at least 12 hours to qualify- Read below for descriptions of the various crews, and then move on to page two to fill out your application!

ENVIRO: Duties include riding around on a quad trailer picking up bottles, garbage bags, compost. Feeding the pigs, sorting bottles, emptying butt buckets, litter control, etc. Keeping it beautiful! The thing is, the cleaner it is, the cleaner it stays. Garbage is everywhere- which means, you get to go everywhere! You get to hear and see the music and party, while helping keep our environmental footprint as small as possible!

SECURITY: Being a confident, present individual, much like a kung fu master that believes diffusing conflict is of the highest importance, as opposed to wielding power, then, this is the job for you. Note that you must be older than 18 to work in security. Duties may include: checking wristbands, tickets and bags at the gate, being a liaison with the paid security staff, reporting incidents to security supervisor, and acting as a responsible, friendly and helpful representative of the North Country Fair.

LOCK-UP: This is the spot for night owls who can haul and respect musical instruments. Stamina, strength, and the ability to stay up late are key assets for this job.

CHILDREN'S AREA: Assist with activities such as face painting, crafts, painting and songs. Preparation for (and participation in) the Children's Parade on Saturday afternoon is encouraged.

INFO BOOTH: Only past volunteers may apply. Located in view of Main Stage, info booth volunteers help with a variety of information such as lost kids, location of venues, program sales, lost and found, and general NCF information. There is usually a message board at the info booth that needs to be updated periodically.

SITE PREPARATION: If you build it, they will come. Are you a creator? Would you like to work under a true master? One of the true joys of NCF is watching it grow... watching the land turn into a glorious space where we all come to worship. Working on site is a highly rewarding (not to mention the great tan you get) experience. This is a position which requires pre-fair attendance, NOTE: if you plan to apply, plan to be up on the land by Monday!

TRAFFIC & WELCOMING CREW: This is a good one for people coming early as there are a lot of shifts Wednesday and Thursday, so you can get a bunch of hours done before the music starts. Duties include directing traffic to appropriate campsites, parking areas or specific places on the Fair site. You will report to the Traffic Coordinator.

ACCESS/MUSICIAN SIGN IN: Access and Volunteer crew share a tent! We both pitch in to get everything ready and decorated and then help to check in all musicians and other people who need special access- aka coordinators, guests, etc.

HOSPITALITY: Do you like cooking, baking, and feeding hungry people? Then to the heart of any party- the kitchen- you go!

GREEN ROOM: This would be akin to working the coolest cafe in town. It’s a place where the musicians get to hang out away from the hustle and bustle of the fair. Some of the shifts are very late night, so night owls welcome! You may meet some of your favorite musicians!

FIRST AID: Man the first aid tent and join the crew by the fire while you help keep all our festival-goers safe.

LIVING ROOM- It is a space designed to help those in mental turmoil who need a quiet space, a friendly voice, or assistance in recovering from internal and/or external chaos. Volunteers are there to help transform stressful sessions into positive ones by offering a safe context and gentle support. Online training provided, and required pre-Fair. 18+ please.

PERFORMER ACCESS/CHECK IN: Where the stars come to be greeted, banded, and oriented with our festival. If you are an organized people person who likes to problem solve, this is a spot for you.

SITE BEAUTY: Luckily, Mother Nature has provided us with an already picturesque landscape, with meditative sunsets, magical mists, and life-giving greens. There are some additions we do need to make, such as signs and lighting. If you are interested in creating ambiance and beauty, please sign up. Arriving by Monday is necessary for this particular crew.

VOLUNTEER PARTY: Do you like to volunteer? Do you like to party? Sign up! Sunday attendance mandatory.

TAKE-DOWN: Feel the Fair is too short and want to stay longer? Do you straggle after the Fair, and still want to help? Then we are the crew for you! All the fun-time stuff, needs to be put away for next year. Strong Muscles are an asset, work ethic is necessary. ;) We start Sunday after closing ceremonies and we stick around until the job is done.

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