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Bringing a new pet into the home can be stressful for all pets. It is preferred to meet on neutral ground. How do you plan to introduce your new pets? *
Are you prepared to provide direct and indirect supervision for children with this dog/puppy? How so? *
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For what reasons would you consider returning a dog back to us? (moving, not getting along with other pets, getting out of fence, children lost interest, too time consuming, allergies, medical problems, new baby, divorce, behavior problems, shedding, housebreaking problems, other reasons, etc) Please identify all reasons that apply. *
Your Pets: Past and Present
Please list information on all pets in your home: Breed, gender, age, spayed/neutered, indoor/outdoor, vaccination status, declawed. (Please put 'N/A' if you have no current pets) *
Please list information on all dogs you previously owned in your home: Breed, gender, age, spayed/neutered, indoor/outdoor, vaccination status, declawed. (Please put 'N/A' if this will be your first pet) *
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Have you ever had to give a pet away? *
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If your pet develops a medical problem that becomes expensive, what would you do? (euthanize them, find another home for them, pay whatever it takes, give him to a rescue or shelter, etc) *
References and Military
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Have you confirmed that your military housing allows this pet and any others you may have?
Military: How much longer are you stationed in Alaska?
Military: If relocated or deployed what arrangements will you make for your dog/puppy? If someone will be caring for the dog/puppy please list their name and number.
Military: Supervisor’s Name and Phone number:
Which Veterinarian do you use? Or previously used if you had pets in the past? Please list name, address, and phone number. (Please put 'N/A' if this is your first pet) *
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