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We think our KidzMusic children’s artists are the best in the business. The bar is high — not everyone who sings or writes a song for children can become part of our roster. But if you’re confident that you’re good and you love what you do and children need to hear what you have to say or will just have a good time listening to you, we would love for you to contact us.

The only thing we require is that you have at two CDs recorded and available through an online source.

We’ll listen to your recordings and let you know what we think usually within a week.

If you are chosen to become part of KidzMusic, we’ll ask you to send high definition publicity photos, and to help us spread the word about you we’ll ask for anything we should know that might not be on your website.

To apply, please answer questions in the box below and send back. If you have any questions you can call John Wood at (818) 489-3630.

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