Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for volunteering to help support our Siouxland Veterans, Service Members and Military families. Volunteers are vital to accomplishing our mission to connect Siouxland Veterans, Service Members and Military families with each other, the community and available resources to provide basic needs, prevent isolation and improve the well-being of all who served. Please help us to improve our volunteer experience by answering these 8 quick questions.
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How many Support Siouxland Soldiers events have you volunteered for?
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How satisfied did you feel after volunteering?
Do you feel like the Veterans & Military families felt supported?
How likely are you to recommend Support Siouxland Soldiers volunteer opportunities to your friends?
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Where did you learn about our volunteer opportunities?
Did you feel appreciated for your volunteer work and did the experience meet your expectations?
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Would you volunteer with us again?
Thank you for your input! Is there anything we can do to improve your experience as a Support Siouxland Soldiers volunteer?
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