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These are anecdotal narratives that will be used to share our story with supporters that aren't able to see the work that we do. Here is an written example of a personable story of growth:

Adrian, 3 year old, enrolled in the Readiness Program in the fall as a mute and he is finishing the year as a chatterbox! Director Shana reports, “Adrian who has no previous Preschool experience, refused to speak at all costs in the beginning of the school year. He became inventive and would use hand signals so I taught him the signs for ‘help’ and ‘thank you’. Over time, it became difficult for him to move from task to task. The last day of the Fall semester we gave him an ultimatum, saying we wouldn't be able to help him with his worksheet unless he learned how to ask us for help out loud so that we could hear him. After several minutes of silence, we heard a voice yell out, “Ms. Shana, can you help me please?” From that moment on, he began conversing with all the staff, volunteers, and students. He now enjoys sharing during group time regarding the theme of the week and telling family stories. His mother has noted the difference in confidence when socializing. What a growth in his social interaction and communication skills!!”
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Please share highlights and stories of the week involving the children, families, teacher and tutors we serve. Please identify client/student accomplishments, i.e. improved grade/attitude/effort, and improved report card or progress report. Note any documentation of accomplishments. If helpful, look up their information in nFocus to get a background of that student/parent.
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