Only the best. As chosen by you.

Nominate one song or artist and let us know why you've picked them. The entries that raise the most goosebumps will be arranged for orchestra in new and surprising ways and performed by surprise guest vocalists, creating a democratic megamix to melt the soul.

Why - is important. The most moving and meaningful memories of why this song or artist speaks to you are the criteria we use to create our playlist. It will be read by our announcer before the song by way of introduction. You can choose to be kept anonymous or let yourself be known. But please hold nothing back, pour your heart out.

What - Be brave - we are looking to create something unique and eclectic, so don't worry about choosing 'orchestral' music. Our arrangers and performers are wizards who work with any genre. Also, feel free to nominate an artist rather than a song. We are happy to work with "anything by…”

When - The show will take place 18:00-19:45, Sunday August 4th at The Atrium. If your song is nominated we will be in touch via email to let you know and make sure you'll be there to see it!

Wilderness HQ x

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