WKU SGA 2018-2019 Senator Appointment Application
***NOTICE: Any non-sensitive information that is placed on this application is subject to viewing by the entire Student Government Association if you are chosen to be appointed.***

To qualify and hold the position of Senator, a person must meet the following requirements:

3.2.1. Have a grade point average no less than 2.0 cumulative.
3.2.2. Be in good standing with the University.
3.2.3. Be enrolled as a student during the term of office and shall not be a member of the faculty.
3.2.5. Be able to post a minimum of one (1) set office hour per week

This application will be held on file for the entire academic year (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) and anytime that there is a senate vacancy, the president will appoint the most qualified individual. You will be contacted at the email that you provide on this form when a position is available. If appointed by the president, you will serve as a senator until the end of the 2019 spring semester.

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