Time Limits for FIDE Rated Games
This questionnaire is designed for you to communicate your opinion to the Qualification Commission (QC) over how long Standardplay games (i.e. classical) should have to be in order for them to be eligible for FIDE-rating. The scope of this form does not include Rapid or Blitz.

We are requesting the information on this page so that we can verify who has responded to the survey to help avoid "spam" responses. In addition, we want to be able to break down the results by rating and role within chess.

This form has been created using Google Forms, and will be stored within the Google Forms set up at the end. No individual response data will be used in the final publication of results. Email addresses will only be stored by QC if you, as a responder to this questionnaire, opts in to doing so; and only for the purpose of sending further consultations on other matters.

This form has been prepared in consultation with FIDE's Data Protection Legal Advisor.

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