Sexual Assault Anonymous Reporting Form Murray State University
We encourage all victims of sexual assault to report the incident to the Murray State Police, the Murray State Title IX coordinator, or to a Campus Security Authority. Each of these can take a confidential report and ensure that you receive the appropriate resources to assist in your recovery, including medical and mental health resources as well as non-criminal actions against the perpetrator. Access to those resources is not dependent upon your decision whether or not to pursue a criminal investigation of the incident. Our primary concerns are your well-being and the safety of the university community. This form is intended to allow victims of sexual assault to report the incident anonymously; however, it should be noted that we cannot provide recovery resources without knowing who you are. The sole purpose of this report is to allow for the counting of statistics on the Annual Fire Safety and Security Report. It will not result in the issuance of a timely warning without further verification.
Did the assault occur on campus, property immediately adjacent to campus (street or sidewalk), or in a recognized university fraternity or sorority house? *
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