Application for Fund the American Dream[ers]

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1. Background:

Drawing inspiration from higher education leaders at the University of Minnesota and University of California, this initiative was unanimously approved by the 2017-2018 Board of Directors and is in line with our stance that states “Students United supports all the state university students regardless of citizenship and/or documentation status. We believe all students are entitled to an equitable academic and student life experience with all its benefits. Students United will support University’s not releasing documentation status without court order. Students United will oppose any Minnesota State or University policy, and any local, state, or federal legislation that prohibits access to higher education on the basis of immigration status.”

With DACA in a difficult position and recent rescinding of other federal protected statuses like TPS and DED, we recognize the financial burden this may place on already-struggling students. Students deserve to focus on being students. That is why Students United would like to assist Minnesota State students whose finances have been adversely impacted by these changing policies. Privately-funded “hardship grants,” also known as emergency financial assistance, are permitted for students enrolled in our Minnesota State institutions.

2. Eligibility:

In order to center our most vulnerable students, the Fund the American Dream[ers] emergency financial grant is currently available to undocumented students in the Minnesota State system with a preference for those who don't have, or face a gap in, work authorization, barring students from legal access to an income. This includes students who previously had DACA, TPS, DED, or other programs that provided authorization to work. The application is also open to students who are between immigration statuses on in ongoing application processes. We reject the idea that the worth of students and immigrants is in their labor and economic contributions and we also recognize that certain populations of undocumented students have little to no legal access to funds to support their lives while trying to stay in school.

Eligible students must:

- be of an impacted immigration status which are any of the following:
-->Have or had DACA
-->Had Temporary Protected Status or Deferred Enforced Departure that was terminated
-->Facing a gap in immigration status or other circumstances.For questions about if you are eligible, please contact Abeer Syedah at

-be enrolled full-time or part-time at any Minnesota State college or university during the semester they apply for the grant
-be able to document a financial need
-not be a member of the current Students United Board of Directors
-not be an international student
-not have previously received this grant during the current school year

Students are eligible for one grant per academic year, with a maximum of $250 pending extenuating circumstances to be determined by the committee. Applications must be for the current semester a student is enrolled in school during. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and funds are subject to availability. Please contact should you have any questions.

3. Application Process:

- Submit application with required supplemental materials
- Phone call with Students United to confirm eligibility over the phone
- Committee reviews for up to two weeks
- Phone call with Students United to confirm or deny grant and/or receive additional information
- Funds sent as check in the mail

Funds may be used for a variety of financial needs including textbooks, course fees, groceries, rent/mortgage, transportation, medical and dental bills, family and child care, etc. We encourage the use of funds for non-tuition finances due to scholarships and grants for tuition being available for undocumented students.
For questions about what the funds may be used for, contact Abeer Syedah at

4. Supplemental Materials:

- Detailed statement on how much money you need & for what
- Statement on your overall financial situation
- receipts/bills to document financial need.

5. Deadlines:

Fund the American Dream[ers] is currently open for the Spring 2019 semester. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing and rolling basis. The latest we can accept the application is two weeks before your Spring semester is over. Please contact us with questions about deadlines at

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