White Center Food Bank Bike Delivery Sign-up for October
The White Center Food Bank is looking for 10 volunteer riders to deliver boxes of groceries to neighbors in and around the White Center and Southwest Seattle neighborhoods. These deliveries will take place every Thursday and will start at the White Center Food Bank location on 8th Ave SW at 10am. This is a valuable opportunity to connect more with your community, help neighbors who are in need while also having a fun time on your bike, pedaling with a purpose!

Because the White Center Food Bank uses boxes rather then bags to package their groceries each volunteer rider will need to be able to carry at least two 20 pound boxes of groceries on their bike. Having a cargo bike or bike trailer is prefered. If you don't have a cargo bike or bike trailer, let us know we have a whole fleet of bike trailers that we are more than happy to lend out! We'll bring them to the food bank for them and you can drop them back off at the food bank after your delivery ride!

Riding with us to do these bike deliveries is a great way to get to know your community and their support systems while also supporting your neighbors. Plus riding your bike with a purpose is just plain fun!!
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The boxes that we will be delivering groceries in to each neighbor are 12 inches by 18 inches and will weigh approximately 15 pounds each. If you have a cargo bike or a bike trailer many riders have been able to carry 4 boxes.
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Do you need to borrow a bike trailer from us?
These bike trailers are easy to install on your bike and well will bring them to the food bank that you will be delivering groceries for. After you are finished with your delivery and no longer need the trailer you can ether bike it back to the food bank or we can work with you to find a good pickup time and place for returning the trailer to us. Currently our trailers require that you have a bike with a quick-release rear wheel.
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