JWP Gen Con GM Survey (2018)
Hello Swashbucklers, Pirates, and Heroes of all Types!

We need guest GMs to run 7th Sea, 2nd Edition games for Gen Con 2018 (August 2-5).

We will provide all the materials you need to run the game, including fancy pregens and materials to support the adventure. All you need to do is bring positivity, energy, and a desire to run great games.

GMs new to 7th Sea are encouraged to apply. We will provide training (via Skype or google hangouts) sessions. GMs familiar with the 7th Sea system are welcome to sit in for a refresher.

For our third year doing these events, we went bigger this time, with adventures taking place in Théah, Ifri, the Colonies, AND Khitai.

For running events, we will reward GMs with a 7th Sea book (or equivalent). For those who run 4 or more games, we will also get you a free badge and one of our Booty Boxes (or equivalent).

We are also looking for guest Hosts to help sit players at the appropriate tables, assist GMs with any problems (even if it's getting them water), and attend to other miscellaneous details.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at the email below.

So... ready to help players be Heroes and run games of High Adventure?

-- Monte Lin, GM Coordinator (gencon@johnwickpresents.com)

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