MOS National Outreach Director Application
Thank you for you interest in being a part of the Music Outreach Society:

As a MOS National Outreach Director, you will be responsible for:
-contacting local senior homes, health centers, etc. for performance opportunities (guidance will be provided)
-recruit School Heads in your region
-being an active performer at MOS concerts
-recruit performers for MOS concerts
-starting a Music Outreach Society Club at your respective school
-hold club meetings at your school
-lead and organize MOS fundraisers in your school/community
-promote MOS to respective school/region

As a MOS National Outreach Director, you will :
-featured pictures and name on our website, along with a short caption of your choice, certifying you as a part of our executive team
-automatic MOS membership without having to fulfill all membership requirements
-first dibs on performer list for MOS concerts

With the submission of this application, please send your resume to with the subject as <LastName_FirstName Resume>, and check your email a few days after the deadline to see if you have been contacted for a brief interview.

Deadline: December 1, 2017 (8:00pm PST)

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a MOS National Outreach!
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