Jamie, Fergus and Noah - Funky food and fun
A carnival themed stall, where we are selling lots of flavours of pop corn and awesome magnetic slime. You will be amazed by how the slime comes to life and follows the magnet. You can also play a fun game with elastic band blasters in which you win prizes. The target you hit indicates the prize you win which can be anything from a marble to a movie or console game.
1. How much money are you bringing to market day? *
2. Would you like to buy popcorn? *
3. If you had to pick a flavour, which flavour of popcorn is your favourite? *
4. Would you like to play a game with an elastic band blaster to win awesome prizes? *
5. Would you like to buy some amazing magnetic slime? *
6. Which items would you like to win for the elastic band game? *
7. What colour slime would you like? *
8. How many tubs of slime would you buy? *
9. Would you like to buy the slime with the magnet or without? *
10. Would you pay for A or B? *
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