Your VeriSafe Ambassador Contribution
The ambassador program is a way for people to engage the broader market to help spread VeriSafe news, inform others about VeriSafe and engage more meaningfully with both the VeriSafe team and other crypto communities.
How does it work?
In order to accomplish this, VeriSafe has established separate tasks/achievements below that community members may partake in to receive the monthly allotted VSF token payout. You can earn VSF just by Tweeting.

Here is a full list of tasks to check before completing the form:

Each fully executed task, upon strict review, will receive the appropriate number of VSF tokens within 10 days after the final review has been completed each month-end.

The forms linked below will be for each user to claim under the distinct program.

It is at VeriSafe’s sole discretion if the task was fully completed or not, with guidance from each task section below.

Your Name or Nickname: *
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Your Telegram username (the part with the @ please) *
In case we need to get in touch with you, please leave a valid @USERNAME for Telegram.
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Your VeriSafe (Ethereum/ERC20) Wallet Address *
This must be a personal wallet, ERC20 compatible, such as Enjin, MetaMask, VeriSafe Desktop Wallet, MEW.
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