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Welcome! If you're interested in working with students and faculty to research, design, and/or develop an interactive digital product for your organization, you're in the right place! Complete this Proposal & Agreement form to add your need(s) to the project list for consideration. But first, let's learn a bit more about the NMI and what we do...
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New Media Institute
The New Media Institute (NMI) is an interdisciplinary academic unit dedicated to exploring the critical, commercial and creative dimensions of emerging technologies. The NMI is committed to the teaching and training of new and emerging media professionals and to providing students with technical skills and knowledge. Curriculum focuses on critical investigations into the constantly changing technology and media landscape and the development of skills to design and build interactive digital products. As a key partner of the Innovation District, the New Media Institute connects our students with industry and university needs to provide interactive digital solutions to organizational objectives.
New Media Certificate & Emerging Media Masters
The New Media Institute houses the University of Georgia's largest certificate program, the New Media Certificate, and spearheads the operations and instruction of the Emerging Media Masters. Designed to be interdisciplinary, both programs build off existing disciplines and careers, providing students an understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field. Certificate and Masters students have access to hands-on classroom environments, innovative technologies, and networking opportunities.
Capstone Project Opportunities
In the New Media Certificate and Emerging Media Masters programs, students call upon all of the skills gained throughout their academic journey to develop, design, and debut Capstone Projects. These projects are built by teams of Capstone students and address specific client problems, explore emerging technologies, or both. Innovation District Clients have the opportunity to work directly with a student team throughout their Capstone journey to solve an organizational objective. These projects typically employ an innovative use of emerging technology and/or a compelling application of an interactive digital product. Previous capstone project examples can be found at under "Projects."

There are two potential Capstone Project tracks NMI Sponsors can propose a project for:
1. New Media Capstone Project (1 Semester)
2. Emerging Media Masters Capstone Project (1 Year)
NMIXpert Project Opportunity
Some projects may fall outside the parameters of a typical Capstone project or the project is best suited for an individual rather than a Capstone team. This is where our NMIXperts come in. NMIXperts are NMI students that have been identified to have exceptional talent in a particular area or areas (design, development, video production, etc). These students can be called upon for specific special projects. These projects typically run throughout a semester or part of a semester, but may have the opportunity for extension as needed.

Note: In some cases, Capstone Project teams may also hire NMIXperts to help in particular areas related to their specialty.
New Media Capstone Deadline
New Media Capstone Projects generally run the length of 1 semester (August to December or January to April), and provide clients with an opportunity to work with teams of 3-5 students, consisting primarily of undergraduates.

Deadline for Proposal Submission: August 1 for Fall consideration; January 1 for Spring consideration
Emerging Media Masters Capstone Deadline
Emerging Media Masters Capstone Projects run the length of one year (beginning in June and wrapping the following April) and provide clients with an opportunity to work with 1-3 Emerging Media Masters students on a longer form project.

Deadline for Proposal Submission: May 1

NMIXpert Project Deadline
NMIXpert Projects generally run the length of 1 semester Fall (August to December), Spring (January to April), or Summer (May to August) and are completed by a single NMIXpert.

Deadline for Proposal Submission: August 1 for Fall consideration; January 1 for Spring consideration; May 1 for Summer consideration
Questions thus far?
If you have any questions (i.e. "Which project path is best for me and my org?") do not hesitate to reach out. We're happy to help you find the best path forward! Please contact Chris Gerlach at If you've already spoken to an NMI team member or have a good understanding of which project track you would like to sponsor, please proceed to the next question.
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