My House Ministry Resident Application
Thank you for taking a moment to complete this initial application. Once completed and reviewed, our Operations Manager will be in touch to schedule an interview.
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Secure Income
My House Ministry residents must be currently employed or have consistent monthly income in order to pay the weekly program fee. The weekly program fee is $130. ($20 is reserved for your savings account). The SSI payment is $542.90 due the third of each month. ($86.60 is reserved for your savings account).
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Drug Use (Illegal & Recreational)
Drug and alcohol use is prohibited in the My House Ministry program. Drug screenings will be conducted prior to move in and at random while residents are in the program.
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My House Ministry accepts applicants with children.
Girls (ages 0-18), Boys (ages 0-10) at the time of admittance into the program.
Childcare must be organized by the applicant prior to acceptance into the program.
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Romantic Relationships
Romantic relationships are not permitted in the My House Ministry program for the safety of other residents, as well as, the beneficial outcome of the applicant.
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Additional Information
Please feel free to share any other information you think might be helpful for your application to My House Ministry.
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