Create an effective project summary in 12 Questions
When you have a brain wave it can be hard to boil down your thoughts into a succinct format that allows you to share your idea with the partners you need to turn your idea into a reality. This form helps you to establish a project summary clear asks and answers common questions.

Top Tips
1. Be as full as you can but when given word counts or limits try and stick to them.
2. Don't worry about being a wordsmith or expert copy writer at this stage - the purpose of this form is to help you extract the basic nuts and bolts. Then we can ask some questions and get you some help to turn it into engaging project summary.

If you'd like to download a Word.doc of this questionaire to work on in stages at your own pace follow this link.

Then, when you are done, copy and paste your answers in and submit to generate a support request from the Ignite Chelmsford Cultural Partnership

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What resources/support are you asking for?
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Who are the key beneficiaries and how will you reach them *
A beneficiary is a person (or group of people) who derives advantage from your project. Often a person or group in need or your intended audience.
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Why is there a need for your project and how do you know the need exists? *
Are there any reports or research by regional or national organisations that reinforce the need for your project?
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Who else is involved and what are their roles? *
Include individual people and any partner organisation
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Please read Chelmsford’s Shared Cultural Vision and the City Council’s Cultural Strategy. Explain if and how your project fits?
Download the Cultural Strategy ( and Action Plan (
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