St Bernard Confirmation Service Project Reflection
Service helps us get into the habit of looking for people and places that might benefit from our talents, care and effort. Through our gifts of service to others we are given the opportunity to grow a compassionate heart and gain skills for discipleship.

When we serve, we don’t just do things to or for others, we invite them into a relationship with us. We don’t just see others as a needy soul, but as someone with their own dignity and talents from who we can learn and benefit. Serving is an opportunity to encounter Jesus in another and to be the face of Jesus for another.

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Who did you serve with (remember every project is to be overseen by an adult. One is to be done with your sponsor and one with a parent or other adult family member) *
Who were the various people you met while doing your service project? Tell us a little about them. *
List the specifics of what you did for this service project. *
How did your service project help to meet the needs of others or the needs or our community? *
Think about the things that you did in the service project and reflect for a moment on how you were serving as the face (feet/hands/body) of Jesus? How does this make you feel? *
How did you see the face of Jesus in those who you were serving? *
What did you enjoy most about this project? What did you enjoy least?
What did you learn about yourself while doing this service project? *
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