Interact Senior Sash Eligibility Form 2018-2019
Hi Class of 2019 Interactors!

Our year is almost done! Whether you were a part of the Interact since the very beginning, or joined in between, we are all ending the year together. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and above all, the movement of change that we created through our service projects, charity events, and awareness campaigns.

In this form, you will find questions about your journey through Interact. It is simple and should take around 15 to 20 minutes to fill out. Sashes will be PROVIDED by the club based on your merits. If there are discrepancies with any of the eligibility requirements, you MAY have to subsidize for half or all of the costs for your sash. Hopefully that will not be any of you!

Eligibility are as listed below. If you do not meet one of the requirements, please still fill out the form, as the semester has not ended yet.

Have active attendance in Interact for at least 2 years
Have a total of 70 hours overall (all years you were in Interact) by the end of senior year (March)
Have at least 20 hours total in your senior year
Participate in fundraising and charity events
Active attendance in general meetings


Name (Last, First) *
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How many years have you been in Interact? *
Total Hours? (Available on website) *
Have you attended at least one of the Interkey Charity dinners in the past 4 years? *
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