DrupalCamp Oslo 2020 feedback
We want to make a better DrupalCamp next year. To do that we need feedback!
We draw a winner from the responses. Add your email if you want to win 1 years subscription to Drupalize Me.
What does describe your role best?
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What kind of organization do you represent?
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How much of the camp did you attend/join?
I joined for less than 30 minutes
I joined everything!
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Drupal for NGOs / non-profits
About the sessions Friday morning before lunch.
How valuable do you think the NGO / non-profit sessions on Friday was?
It had little value for the camp
Very valuable! I think also for others.
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Drupal and NGOs / was the topic for this years Friday morning. How could a similar topic be organized better next year?
About the digital event
It is our first DrupalCamp that is done digitally and livestreamed.
How well did the digital part of the DrupalCamp go? (streaming and presenters Google Meet room)
Quite bad
The best digital event I've attended
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In what ways could the digital part of the event be improved in our next camp?
About session content and topics
How was the balance between Drupal specific and other web related topics in the camp?
Too much non-Drupal
Too much Drupal specific
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Choose 1-3 topics that you want to learn more about on the next camp:
Overall summary
Please say a few words about what you miss, and what was great. Details and specific suggestions is exactly what we need to improve :)
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