Meta Box 2017 Survey
2016 year has passed and 2017 is here. We wish you all the best in this year with lots of success & health.

And thank you so much for using Meta Box as your choice!

In order to provide better quality, this year we will do something different. Please help us find our bugs and make Meta Box better than ever!

Thank you!

How old are you?
What do you do?
What kind of websites do you develop by Meta Box?
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When think of Meta Box, which words come to your mind first?
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How many extensions have you bought?
How do you know Meta Box?
Why do you use Meta Box? (1= worst, 5=best)
Which part do you think we should improve?
What functions do you want to have in the future? Or do you have any suggestions of Meta Box?
What social media would you like to be reached?
Is there anything else that you want to tell us?
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