Freelance Artist Tech Support Request
Zachary Clemente ( has 10+ years of professional IT support experience and wants to help the freelance artist community with their tech issues best he can.

Please fill out this form so Zach can get an understanding of the issue you're facing.
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What kind of system are you using? *
Please note that Zach doesn't have experience with all types of tablets so there will be limited troubleshooting options.
If "Tablet" - is this a Cintiq Companion or MobileStudio?
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What operating system are you using? *
Zach's primary experience is in Windows and MacOS support. Troubles with iPads, Android tablets, or linux systems will have less troubleshooting options.
If you had to sum it up, what is the nature of your tech issue? *
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Please describe your tech issue in detail. *
Please be specific and holistic. Don't leave things out; are you running plugins, is your computer running really hot, did you drop your laptop but blame your cat? The more information, the more likely we can find a solution.
What have you tried so far to fix it? *
Again, please be specific. What did your uncle tell you? Did your partner's co-worker take a crack at it and now it's evolved into a different problem? Did you try turning it off and on again?
How time sensitive is this? *
This helps me determine how urgent an issue is and how far out I can schedule us to talk. Please only select "Emergency" if you are truly without any support options and are on a severe deadline with no option to extend.
Based on your previous answer, what's your schedule like? *
Please note that Zach is on the East Coast (GMT-5) and has a (somewhat flexible) day job.
What's your preferred communication platform? *
Video clients such as Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts are preferred as they have screen sharing options.
Do you understand that Zach is not liable for any issues or problems that arise from the recommendations given as support or help and is not responsible for for and purchases made in response to recommendations given as support. *
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