Fargo GameFest 2020 - GAME MASTER
Fargo GameFest is heavily volunteer run! Help us make this an unforgettable weekend by becoming a GAME MASTER sharing the games you love with others! Fill out the form below so we can put your games on the schedule!

While this form is geared towards tabletop games, feel free to fill it out for any type of games you would like to run and we will get your information to the correct coordinator!

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What does being a GAME MASTER of tabletop games at Fargo GameFest look like? Quick-Facts:
You pick your favorite game(s) to share with others! Fill out the information as many times as you have games to run! (Submit the form multiple times if you would like to help GM multiple games)

When you are the GAME MASTER, you are the one facilitating the game. Yes, you can play your own games while facilitating other players.

Slots are in 2-hour increments. However, we are not going to limit your fun! Just let us know if your game is expected to take more time and we will schedule it over multiple slots. Remember to account for instruction time/explaining the game to players.

Games run more smoothly if you pick games you are familiar with and have prepared for ahead of time. Maybe you haven’t played your favorite game for 2 years (sad!) or you just received your new Kickstarter that you can’t wait to share (awesome!). Please brush up on the rules beforehand so that you can maximize your time having fun!

Be ready to start your game when the time slot starts. This means setting up before-hand if your game has many pieces and parts.

We love our volunteers! Sign up for 4 time-slots (8 hour equivalent) and receive $5 off your admission! Submit your games by March 21 for this perk! (Yes, you can combine volunteer hours in other areas to total 12 hours - helping set up the convention or tearing down, etc)

Want to volunteer but being a GAME MASTER is not your preference? That’s ok! Send us a message/email and we would love to have your help in other areas!

Are you a local game designer and want to demo your games!? Awesome! We would love to have you! Reach out to us for more information!

Have another question? Ask away!

Send us a message on facebook https://www.facebook.com/fargogamefest/

Email us at contact@fargogamefest.org !

Check out our website: www.fargogamefest.org

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Communication  will be by email, phone number is only used for last minute details
Are you a local game designer? If yes, please tell us more!
Where are you from? What is your company's name? Are you play-testing? Would you like to run play-to-win slot(s)? Etc.
Game Title *
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Player Count
Yes, you can play your own game! Just tell us how many open spots are in your game after counting yourself. (A 4-player game where the GM participates in playing the game would have 3 open slots)
Recommended ages
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Time game requires to play
Don't forget to account for instruction time
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Specific requirements/requests for playing game
space requirements, table configuration, need electricity, etc.
Description of game
Help players understand what your game is about
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Preferred times to run games
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