PROMISE ZONE ARTS Cultural Treasures Questionnaire
Promise Zone Arts is a DCA initiative highlighting the Cultural Treasures of the Central and East Hollywood, Koreatown MacArthur Park, Pico-Union, Rampart Village, Westlake, and Wilshire Center neighborhoods. Cultural Treasures can be people, groups, events, places, or food that is valued by the community.

Your answers will help us:
1) Create an online storybank of community nominated artists, places, and experiences;
2) Program free community celebrations featuring living artists, traditional foods, and interactive experiences.

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The survey takes 5 minutes. Your answers will be anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information for further participation.

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Map of the Los Angeles Promise Zone
1. Do you live, work or frequent any of the following LA Promise Zone neighborhoods? *
A Cultural Treasure can be a:
2. Name your Cultural Treasure in the L.A. Promise Zone. *
3. Share your reasons for nominating this Cultural Treasure. *
4. Tell us about your experience with this Cultural Treasure?
5. Where is this Cultural Treasure located? (Closest cross-streets. If it is mobile, include when it is located there.) *
6. What Cultural Treasures have been lost in the L.A. Promise Zone? (or have you seen disappear)
7. Which cultural, ethnic, spiritual, or occupational communities are you a part of?
Thank you for participating! We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Promise Zone Arts!
May we contact you for more information about your Cultural Treasure and to invite you to related events? * *
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