Simming Prize Nomination
The Simming Prize is an annual award given to an individual, multiple individuals, sim, organization, or other entity that has:

1)  Demonstrated a consistently high level of quality and dedication to the art of simming;
2)  Fostered a warm and welcoming community where others feel like a member of the family;
3)  Showed a willingness to help others learn how to sim; and/or
4)  Made significant contributions to further the development and advancement of simming.

Please be as thorough and detailed as possible when submitting your nomination(s).  Supporting links, logs, and materials are required for evaluation of the nominee  and will improve the chances of the nominee winning this coveted award.  The lack of supporting materials (including access to restricted forums that require an account to read most of the forum) may exclude your nominee from consideration.
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Please share links that demonstrate the work of the nominee, and/or provide names & email addresses for references that can vouch for the nominee.  When providing links, please describe the link and provide any information that you think may be helpful (e.g. This is the archive for X sim.  Season 3 is the current mission.  The user name of the nominee is Y.)  When providing contacts, please describe the relationship between the nominee and the contact and the reference they can provide (e.g. Z is the admiral who oversees the club that is nominated.  She can speak about the quality of the club, and can provide a guest password to view the club's archives).  If materials are hidden (e.g. an account is needed to log into a website, e-mail threads are private) it is important to provide a contact name & email address so that we can arrange to view supporting material.
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