Hutto Adopt-A-Spot Registration
The Hutto Adopt-A-Spot Program is a partnership between Keep Hutto Beautiful Foundation and the City of Hutto.

Adopt-A-Spot provides residents and/or organizations with a means to help keep the Hutto Community a clean and beautiful place to live, work, and play. This program encourages citizen participation in litter clean-ups of designated public areas at regular intervals. By pledging to maintain a particular area of town, groups can make a visible impact on the local environment.
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Hutto Adopt-A-Spot Agreement
Upon approval, I agree to adopt and maintain the above designated area for one year, a minimum of four times/year. I also agree to submit a small report for each clean up effort.

By submitting this form, I/We agree to abide by the policies and regulations for the Adopt-A-Spot program. I acknowledge that this group has on their own free will, requested to be a volunteer for the Adopt-A-Spot Program. I fully understand the dangers of working as a volunteer and accept that we may be subject to such dangers and that there is an assumption of all such risks by entering into this release and indemnification and by participating as a volunteer. I assume full responsibility of our actions while volunteering for the program, holding both the City of Hutto and the Keep Hutto Beautiful Foundation harmless in the event of an injury.

By signing this form the volunteers also understand that Keep Hutto Beautiful Foundation and City of Hutto may use all photographic images, video or audio recordings, video or audio reproductions, films, radio or television broadcasts and any other reproductions of the activities without limitations for the sole purpose of marketing the Hutto Adopt-A-Spot program. Permission is granted for use in any medium now known or hereafter developed, including printed media, video, still photography and the Internet.
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List of Available Locations to Adopt in Hutto:
These locations were determined based on the 2018 Litter Attitudes Survey conducted in the Hutto Community. If you have an idea for a location to adopt that is not listed below, please put it on  your application and we will consider it. Sites that are already adopted are marked as such.

ADOPTED: Carl Stern A (both sides from Chris Kelley Blvd to N/S Pauley)

Carl Stern B (both sides from N/S Pauley to Lone Star Blvd.) 

ADOPTED: Carl Stern C (both sides from Lone Star Blvd to FM 1660 South.) 

ADOPTED: Innovation Blvd (both sides from Hwy 79 to Limmer Loop)

ADOPTED: Farley Street (both sides from West St. to FM 1660 North)

ADOPTED: East Street (both sides from Hwy 79 to Live Oak St)

Front Street A (both sides from Carl Stern to Lone Star Blvd.)

ADOPTED: Front Street B (both sides from Lone Star Blvd. to FM 1660 South)

ADOPTED: FM 1660 North A (west side from Mager Ln to Limmer Loop)

ADOPTED: FM 1660 North B (east side from Mager Ln to Limmer Loop)

ADOPTED: FM 1660 North C (west side from Limmer Loop to Cockrill St)

FM 1660 North D (east side from Limmer Loop to Cockrill St)

ADOPTED: Chris Kelley Blvd A (both sides from Hwy 79 to Carl Stern)

ADOPTED: Chris Kelley Blvd B (east side from Carl Stern to Riverwalk Dr.)

ADOPTED: Exchange Blvd (both sides from W. Metcalfe St to Hwy 79)

ADOPTED: Hwy 79 A (south side from Chris Kelley Blvd. to FM 1660 South)

Hwy 79 B (north side from Ed Schmidt Blvd to Park Ave.)

ADOPTED: FM 1660 South A (both sides from Grisham Dr. to Carl Stern Dr.)

FM 1660 South B (east side from Carl Stern Dr. to Mitchell Dr.

ADOPTED: Hutto Lake Park (sections will be determined based on applicant)

Hutto Community Park 

ADOPTED: Creekside Park (sections will be determined based on applicant)

ADOPTED: Fritz Park (sections will be determined based on applicant)

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