Magic School Bus Escape Game
Join us at the Abington Free Library in Abington, Pennsylvania, along with your teacher, Ms. Frizzle, for a Magic School Bus-themed digital escape room!

The puzzle is not timed, so take your time and have fun! This activity may be most fun for ages 8+. Please remember to open any links you need to click on in a new window so you don't lose your progress and need to start the game over again.

To learn more about what Abington Free Library has to offer puzzle and mystery lovers of all ages, check out our website:
or our Facebook page:

This puzzle is based on our Pete the Cat digital escape puzzle. Find it here:

Here are the credits for the photos included in this puzzle:
Great job:
X mark:
Hubble Telescope:
Hubble Word Jumble:
Milky Way:
Magnifying glass:
Princess Nefertiabet in front of her meal:
Statuette: Isis suckling Horus:
Ibex Attached:
Scene in the swamps of the Nile:
National Park entrance:
Water feature:

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