2021 Retainer Application
We're excited that you're interested in partnering with us this year! To help us prepare for your info call and to make sure we're a good fit, please answer the following questions as honestly and to the best of your ability that you can.
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What do your current clients, friends, and colleagues love about the company? Conversely, are there any known issues that will need to be accounted for in search (Ex. A controversial product or bad publicity within the past 3 years)? *
Do you have written and/or video testimonials/reviews other than what is publicly available on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, or Trust Pilot? *
Please list the current technology you are using on your website and in your marketing automation and/or sales enablement funnels below (If you need help with this, don't sweat it! We can cover it in the onboarding call). *
Please tell us what success with this project looks like to you?
What A Partnership Package Looks Like
Partnership packages with Genevieve Digital begin at $2200 per month. All retainers require onboarding (4-6 weeks, $3500+) and a six-month commitment. To honor our time and yours, please consider whether a commitment of this level fits within your current revenue model and/or the one you want to create for the future. Then, answer the question below honestly.
The investment in working with Genevieve Digital will be... *
Is there anyone else who needs to be 'ccd on communication and/or added to production notifications? If yes, please list who and provide their email addresses and phone numbers below. *
What do you foresee as likely to be the biggest challenge for us on this project? For you? Please explain. *
There's a fair bit of time invested in filling out this form. Please tell us why you made it this far and what makes you excited to work with Genevieve Digital. *
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