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Who are the points of contact? Who must we show our findings to? Who must approve the process and deliverables?
What can you tell us about your customers/users/audiences of the product/service?
What types of people engage with the product/service? Do you have any demographic data or analytics available? What do you believe their needs are when choosing the product/service and also for any existing customers? In particular, any known pain-points that you have heard of.
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Are there any technologies the project must use? For example, content management systems or merchandising software. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies?
Related activities
Are there any other projects that intersect with this one? For example, we often find that organisations run other projects alongside each other which may impact the outcome of deliverables. It is useful to know at the outset when the results of other projects will be available to incorporate into your project and to flag this if this causes difficulties.
Are there any major competitors to the product / service that we need to know about? How will we know how our product / service is performing in comparison?
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