Benicia Middle School Wrestling (Sign-up Form)
Please take a moment to complete this brief sign-up form. Once received we will send you additional details to share with your parents regarding the expectations for participating with this team.

If you are already on the team, we are asking that you resubmit your contact information each year to ensure that you don't miss any important team communications.

Thank you for supporting our program. Parents and Student-athletes, please read the information below before you proceed.


School and Classwork:
You are a student first stay on top of your classwork and homework. We ask that you maintain a GPA of 2.75 or better. Manage your time with school work and practice. If you need to catch up, you can do it during practice in the mat room. Plan ahead for team/group projects to reduce the chances of missing competitions or practices.

Practice and Tournaments:
It's a privilege to compete! You are expected to make every practice and every tournament. If you miss practice, without being excused in advance, then you will not be able to compete in the nearest scheduled competition date.
-If you are injured , unless you are at a doctor's appointment, you are expected to be in the mat room to still learn the technique and stay in shape.
-If you miss half of your periods or more in a school day, then you cannot practice.
-For all competitions student-athletes are expected to stay from beginning until the entire team has completed competition. This fosters a system of support and camaraderie.

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions for the 2021 season, all travel must be done independently. Student-athletes must make arrangements to meet the team at the competition site. BUSD will not provide transportation by bus, van or car.

We will be using GroupMe and Mailchimp for all formal communication. Although Coaches can receive calls and text messages in the event of an emergency, we prefer the use of GroupMe for any questions. Parents and wrestlers please communicate with coaches and ask questions when in doubt. Issues will be conducted and resolved in the format of Coach-Athlete, Coach-Athlete-Parent, Coach-Athlete-Parent-AD.

Parent Conduct:
Parents are held to a high standard of personal behavior and conduct while attending practices or competitions. We ask that parents allow coaches to coach and if there are any areas of concern, to request a private conversation to address the matter. Any misconduct by parents carried out publicly at a practice, while traveling to an event or during an event will be documented and brought to the attention of the school and district administrations. The person(s) most affected will likely be your student-athlete and the team. Please take the time to consider your actions and how they represent your community.

For all fundraising Maximum effort and participation is expected. This is how we get to travel to all of our competitions. We usually hold one Middle School tournament each year and ask that families support us in running the tournament and snack bar.
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