Compelling Credentials Use Cases
Earlier this year, your organization noted their interest in a standardized ecosystem for issuing, storing, and consuming independently verifiable credentials related to education, finance, government, job training, healthcare, and a variety of other market verticals.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather the most compelling credentials use case from your organization. Hearing use cases directly from your organization is an important part of expressing the need for standards work in this area to W3C management.

If you are unsure about what a Credential is, this document may help you frame your response:

Credentials Glossary
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1. What is the name of your organization? *
2. What is your name? *
3. How can we contact you about your use case? *
Please provide an email address (preferred), or a phone number.
4. What is the most compelling Credentials use case that your organization would like to see better integrated into the Web that would be helped by one or more new standards in the space? *
We are looking for business-driven use cases, not "neat ideas". Please make sure your use case includes the following information: 1) A 1-2 sentence summary of the actions the person in the scenario performs, 2) Any pertinent details about what the person is trying to accomplish in your ecosystem
5. Are there other use cases that your organization feels are important? If so, what are they?
6. What types of stakeholders would need to cooperate for your use cases to be achievable?
7. What digital credentialing capabilities does your organization see as valuable? *
Pick as many as applies to your organization
8. Which of these technologies do you use today to achieve your current credentialing needs?
9. Of the technologies that you use above, do they address all of the capabilities your organization sees as valuable, or are new technologies needed?
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10. What are the limitations (if any) of the current technologies that you use for credentials?
11. If the W3C were to start a Working Group to address your credentials use cases, would you likely participate?
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