GitHub API token donation for Boa
This form will allow you to donate your Github API personal access token to the Boa team. This will allow Boa to more quickly obtain current data from GitHub. Note that this token will allow us to access GitHub's API as your user, but will not allow us to make any changes to your GitHub account or view your private data.

To create a key, go to the following URL (while logged in):

Next, de-select all checkboxes (this is the default). Then CHECK the one labeled "public_repo". Finally, give a description to the token and click "Generate Token".

You can see here for a list of your tokens:

If at some point in the future you wish to no longer allow Boa to use your token, you can simply revoke it.

We appreciate your support in helping Boa's data collection efforts!

- The Boa Team

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