2015 ATTC Team League Registration
If you're interested in team league you are in the right place.

Please see the full team league info here before registering:

To sign up, just fill out your team info below. If you don't have a team yet and are signing up as an interested player then just enter your own information and others will know that you are available to join their team. Signing up for "Looking for a Team" does not commit you to playing. It allows others to approach you about joining their team. Don't be afraid to be proactive and start forming your teams!

Teams cannot begin play until a team representative pays the the team entry fee at the club's front desk.

Current entrants are listed here:

Team Tie Results Can be entered Here:

If you save the "change response" link given at the end you can change your response if you go ahead and find another team member yourself or decide to change the team name or something.

Please contact roderick.medina@austintabletennis.net if you want to make some changes or be introduced to someone who did not provide their contact info publicly.
Team Name *
This is how we will group people together. Everyone in the team signs up individually. You can select an existing team if you know you can join it or create your own using the "other" box. Every time someone submits a new team name, it will appear as a new option in this list.
Name *
USATT Last Play Date
leave blank if you don't have a rating
Club League Rating
You can look this up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fzY-aj6O8L4aRvS0jk1sx8thjEYkb11DbcqL-To7s9o/pubhtml If you are not on this list then go play league sometime!
Email Address: *
So we can contact you about team league
Phone Number
optional, can help people form teams if you don't mind sharing it
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Can we list your contact email and/or phone next to your name so others can reach out to you about forming a team?
Additional Comments:
Anything else we should know? Is there any reason why your rating listed above might not be accurate right now?
Public Note
This note will be published on the registry summary for prospective teammates to see. This would be a good place to list your usual availability like "weekday evenings from 5-7pm" or to mention that you'd love to play but would likely be out of town certain months of the year.
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