Data Science Nigeria AI+ Membership form
At Data Science Nigeria, we believe that with great power comes with great responsibility.
We will only build a sustainable value-oriented ecosystem when each member has a clear sense of mutually-beneficial obligation.
The AI+ membership is aimed at driving inclusiveness, fairness and accountable learning that catalyses community spirit, ethical values, quality and excellence.
While anyone can have access to all Data Science Nigeria events, there are exclusive benefits that members of AI+ community will enjoy. Examples are internship recommendation, job placements, international conference travel grants, local event travel grant, hands-on data exposure for capacity building, mentorship, start-up support/funding etc.
AI+ membership framework has segmented programmes targeted at students in secondary schools, higher institutions, core PhD/postdoc AI researchers, AI professionals in industries, Business executives and enthusiasts.

Below is the hyperlink with further information that you must read before filling this acceptance form.

1. Please download and read the AI+ community Membership Code at
2. You will also need to send a signed and scanned copy of the Code of Conduct document to
3. You will receive a membership number and a link to join our special Slack/WhatsApp AI+ engagement community.
4. You are also required to fill the questionnaire below.

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As an AI+ Community member, you will be expected to give back to the AI Learning ecosystem as a reason to access our preferential opportunities like internship recommendations, job placement opportunities, AI start-up support/investment, research mentorship access etc. Please indicate likely areas you will like to support *
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